Updates to the Custom Color Process

One of the strengths of the Fort Street Studio portfolio is the understanding of color relationships, resulting in the unexpected color combinations used in each design. Although each carpet design has its own standard colorway, our art studio understands that many projects have their own custom color needs, and is able to tailor existing designs for specific color palettes.

As most of our carpet designs originate from water color art, our studio has traditionally eschewed the typical yarn pom selection process and instead relied on materials that show the planned colors for the space the rug will inhabit. As such, cuttings of the fabrics for the furnishings and paint chips or wallpaper enable our studio to execute color combinations that harmonize with the overall palette.

We do, of course have a selection of yarn poms to consult when needed, but our color options are infinite and therefore best created when presented with a color scheme. The dye masters at our mills are experts at dying to match color prints we create in our New York Studio.

Below are some examples of our most recent custom color forays:

DESU carpet design in custom color

We recommend bringing your fabrics and/or paint chips/wallpaper to our art studio when you are shopping for a rug.

Standard SQUARES Gold – wool/silk flatweave carpet with a cut pile motif shown in standard colorway on left and a custom color on right.

Strike-offs are produced upon approval of renderings and order commitment.

SQUARES strike-offs in custom color combinations.

After selection and approval of final sample, full rug is put into production.

Picture above: standard SQUARES Gold on the wall and SQUARES Custom on the floor. (Vintage Murano Lamp with handmade shade by M. Alexander Lighting x Couture Shades).

Below are additional examples of custom colored Fort Street Studio carpets:

BRUSHSTROKE Custom color
ALLIUM renderings with interior’s fabrics
ALLIUM Custom samples with fabrics
OTTO custom colorway + custom design layout
OTTO Blood Orange

To see standard OTTO rug, click here.

Custom color BOUDOIR rug – Design by Sarah Magness
Custom color CAVERN rug for residence in Opus Building in Hong Kong.

View standard CAVERN colorways here:

CAVERN Deep (left) and CAVERN Light (right)

Please make an appointment to create an exclusive carpet for your project!