Fort Street Studio Staff Favorites

Rug picks by Fort Street Studio team.

Shield is one of my favorite designs in Fort Street Studio’s extensive catalog. It has regal elegance and traditional symmetry without being stuffy or overly ornate. The intricacy in it mimics Balinese wood carvings which are unicolored save for the shadows and sheen created by the hand worked shapes in motifs.
The Blue color way speaks to me because it reminds me of the beautiful Azulejos of Portugal, a country that is part of my ancestry.  I love this carpet!

I love Grenada! This piece perfectly represents Fort Street Studio’s expertise in color, and reminds me that we are the pioneers of painterly, non-repetitive carpet design.
The soft transition of color along with the slow movement of the brushstrokes have a soothing effect that makes this a captivating rug to my eyes.
To me, this is one of those pieces that can only be hand-made in 100% Wild Silk, you need the luster of that fiber and precision dyeing to yield the bleed of color, and changes from light to dark.

The Wild Silk design Desu has long  been a favourite of mine, in particular the new Greige colourway. I am partial to watery monet-esque blues! Desu is a signature Fort Street Studio painterly design, using many colours that subtlety bleed into one another. Having also seen the original watercolour painting in person you can understand that the transformation of the soft edges and blended tones of the painting would be incredibly difficult to replicate, but the design manages to retain these effects. Of course the thick plush pile and suede like finish of the Wild Silk aids and the design looks divine on the floors I have been lucky enough to see it on.

Glimmering’s dual color-ways (Twilight & Dawn) are impeccable and the Fort Street Studio design I love best…
It embodies the epitome of the studio’s design and handcrafting elements.   The ethereal nature of the artwork captures the spirit of the brand and makes me imagine an inspirational story.   The motifs almost glow and metallic soumak flat woven accents provide an unexpected gleam amidst the soft suede-like wild silk pile.
Both colorways are stunning and timeless.
A critical breakthrough design for FSS!

For its fluid design and quiet simplicity, I adore Salon Fern. It has the charm of a silver Venetian plaster with a hint of soft greens in the “flubs” – adding a subtle vibrancy. It is so sophisticated and entirely elegant. Period!