The Routes to Design

Fort Street Studio principals and co-creative directors, Janis Provisor and Brad Davis, are avid travelers whose “painting holidays” take them abroad to locations where they can recharge and focus on creating designs for our carpet collections. The fruit of stays in locations such as Italy, Bali and Normandy is a new collection named Routes – designs inspired by the streets and roads of these motivating locations.

AVENUE design is a replay of a gorgeous pebble road Janis Provisor and Brad Davis encountered on a trip to Italy. Provisor and Davis were both struck by the beauty of the road’s varying widths as it morphed into a natural ground cover.   In the hand-knotted carpet, Avenue exhibits a combination of weaving techniques and materials; flat woven wool and cut-pile wool with silk.  The juxtaposition of texture adds to the initial artistic inspiration.

The design is interpreted in a blend of hand processed, high-altitude wool and cultivated silk, using time treasured hand-knotting techniques. Meticulous dyeing of the yarns produce complexity and depth of color which enrich the overall aspect of the carpet. The tweeding of wool and silk creates a shimmery mix.

Available in two standard colorways – INDIGO and SILVER, as well as custom colors and sizes.

BLUSH design combines a cut-pile foreground and flatwoven background to create a simple yet dynamic landscape. The motifs are all the same height but the widths and shapes vary.  To further add an unexpected twist, the motifs appear to “crumble” at the top and bottom of the carpet – like chipped or broken stones.

A combination of weaving techniques creates texture that adds to the initial artistic impression.

Available in color PALE and custom colors and sizes.

The original painting that inspired ROADWAY design was painted by Janis Provisor while working with partner Brad Davis in the medieval town of Roccantica in the mountains outside of Rome.  The journeys up and down winding streets to their studio on a hill inspired the textural background, achieved via two weaving styles, while the roadway like motif simulates the winding routes explored in the stick-shift car they drove there all summer.

Available in IVORY colorway as well as custom colors and sizes.

“Beautiful garden rock path outside our studios in Bali made mostly of natural stone, the ‘swirly’ rocks are actually artistic sculptures” – said Janis.

SQUARES design recalls a stone path with breaks in between. In the woven carpet, the mix of high pile and low kelim weave provide a nice massage to the feet.  Subtle color-play and a hint of silk mimic the gleam of polished stones.

Available in GOLD colorway as well as custom colors and sizes as are most of our carpet designs. Chart your path to our showroom to experience these new looks for yourself!