Fort Street Studio Broadens Its Exclusive Collection of Thai Silk Carpets


Thick silk cording spun from hand reeled silk by artisans in Thailand form the foundation of Fort Street Studio’s Thai Silk Carpet Collection. Shimmer and texture combine to render an understated yet luxurious carpet.

Creative Directors Janis Provisor and Brad Davis work with the weavers’ skills to combine weaving styles that will enhance the designs the duo create.  The newest design, Meander, combines a cable knit in the field of the rug and a bouclé yarn in a basket weave for the motif of the design while Pelle is all bouclé on the face of the rug while the back is cut pile and creates a reversible carpet!

These designs follow their silk flat weave designs Kuta, Geo and Oracle, in addition to Honeycomb which places Thai silk cut pile against a flatwoven foundation.

The production of these rare pieces takes place in a small atelier in Thailand which grows and harvests the silk worms and cocoons. The near fully integrated production begins with shallow rattan baskets that house the silk worms until they become cocoons.






The worms feed on mulberry leaves that grow on the grounds of the mill. Once the worms become cocoons they are removed and spaced in boiling water which causes the cocoons to unravel and release the silk threads.  These threads are carefully degummed to allow dye penetration.  The yarns are hand reeled and spooled, readying them for dyeing.

The dyeing occurs offsite in a commercial facility which has proper waste water treatment and ensures that the environment surrounding the mill is not compromised.

The weaving styles range from an antique kelim weave that resembles a tapestry to fine cut pile qualities and in some cases, a combination of flatweaving and cut pile, as in the design Honeycomb.

The brilliant sheen of the carpets is achieved by washing the carpets in an organic wash, where the acid and alkaline properties of the “detergent” are sourced from fruit skins and leaves.

The carpet designs for weaving are printed in a colorful graph that informs the weaver where to change yarn color.








The production is done almost entirely by women and by hand.  The mill is able to produce large sizes and custom colors of the designs which enables us to provide a bespoke service for these extraordinary pieces as we do for all of our handknotted carpet collections.

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Meander Cypress and Meander Azure

100% Thai Silk Flatweave

Design inspired by a winding walk through a garden. The motifs are executed in a nubby weave while the background is woven in orderly cable knit for an intriguing mix of styles that requires high weaving expertise.

Pelle Gold (Reversible)

100% Thai Silk Flatweave

Reversible Thai silk flatweave carpet. These carpets are woven in a village in Northern Thailand, and each has the luminosity luster, and softness for which Thai silk is world famous. Because this product is unique to this one-village factory, and it is exclusive to Fort Street Studio, these carpets are only available in the most limited quantity of 1,500 square feet or about 12 pieces of  9’ x 12’ per year.

Geo Platinum, Honeycomb Platinum, Houndstooth Grey