Rev Up Your Space With a Runner

Runners are a great way to add a splash of color and/or design to a narrow space, corridor or gallery.

Jordon Design Crew installed a wild silk Asian Field Red runner in this gallery hallway.

Typically knotted or woven by one weaver due to narrow width, a runner can be on loom for months depending on the ordered length since a weaver can knot about one linear foot (30 cm) per week for finer 100+ knot qualities.

Brushstroke Runner

The same weaver stays with the runner until completion to ensure that the same knotting technique and tension are consistent throughout the piece.

Many designs can be interpreted in long and narrow runner size by either extracting elements from a full carpet design or by repeating elements along the length of the piece.

Designer Andrea Ballerini custom colors our Sidebar for a space is in London

In addition to providing noise absorption and cozy feeling underfoot, a runner is an opportunity to add design and/or color to a transitional space and stimulate the senses while on the path.

Catherine Weinstock used a wild silk Brushstroke Runner in this modern “Urban Gypsy” hallway at the 2015 Metro Designer Showhouse at The Pearl.

We have produced runners close to 50 feet long in a single piece.

Basket and Lombok Brown Natural Runners (100% wool)

Vine Runner Intsalled