Inspired by the elements

Our New Design, Vapor, depicts the magical quality of an object you can only see and not touch. Inspired while by the mountains in Colorado, where founding creative directors Janis Provisor and Brad Davis once resided. 

The design was transformed from watercolor art made by Provisor.  She was always fascinated at looking through the iced glass, seeing a weather phenomenon through the window, where the clouds form over the mountains. 

Vapor cream, fully customizable in color, size and shape. 

Widely known for its painterly carpets, predominantly originating from watercolor art, Fort Street Studio was founded in 1996 by artists Davis and Provisor, who continue to contribute to the studio’s carpet designs.

Desu Light, Architecture and Interior Design by Ike Kligerman Barkley. 

Click here to read more about our Desu design.

Mirror was inspired by the idea of looking down into a body of water that is so still that it reflects up. Shown here side by side with the original artwork that inspired the rug.

Inspired by world travel, Janis recalls painting the watercolor art which was the base for that rug, Billet: It has a painterly dreamy quality much like my memories of those times we were billeted by the Sea. Billet rug was only made in the colorway blue. 

Ruggine, the Italian word for rust, suggests that good designs evolve overtime. Shown above, a runner