Visiting “Shifting Objectives”: Design from the M+ Collection

The recent design exhibition at the West Kowloon site of the M+ museum, titled “Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection” and curated by Aric Chen, featured a tour-de-force design collection of more than 120 works. This was the second show to display at the West Kowloon M+ Pavillion, and just closed this February, 2017.

Co-Principals and Creative Directors Janis Provisor and Brad Davis spent a few hours at the opening night last month, and were stimulated by the exhibition both visually and conceptually in a way they have not been in quite some time. They called the show a ‘coup for Hong Kong.’ Below they share some snapshots and impressions.

Aric Chen, design curator for “Shifting Objectives”, welcomes guests to the opening night. Aric has been the driving force in both the M+ pavilion exhibitions as well as building the M+ permanent collections.

Table and Legless Chairs – by Kenmochi

The mid-century Japanese design on display was a revelation to see. We were bowled over by this table and legless chairs by Kenmochi, who was previously unknown to us. This was one of many pieces displayed that gave us a far greater understanding of Japanese design during that period.

 We were delighted to see this enamelware collection by the Xi’an People’s factory. Having first traveled to China in 1989, we frequently saw enamelware with decorative, propaganda and illustrations of the state. The great ones are rare to find, and while we have collected several pieces along the way, our favorites are a selection of large star platters that we’ve never seen before or since in the market that we have displayed in our New York Showroom.

Enamelware on display in Fort Street Studio’s New York showroom
Sotsass Ceramics

We are long time fans of Etore Sottsass ceramics. We recollect from the 1980s having a long and amusing conversation with Sottsass at the Aspen Design Conference – the year’s conference theme being Italy. The round early plates are quite coveted and they are the first time we’ve seen them. Aric’s selection had a refreshing minimalism not often associated with Sottsass.

Sotsass Ceramics

The Sketch furniture made by design group Front was delightful to see in their final state and in the film showing their execution. Click on this link to see how the furniture grows out of the liquid plastic. Its fascinating and fun to watch.   

Plastic Furniture – 3D Printing by established stockholm

An extraordinary night time image of HK island, from the roof of the new M+ Pavilion in West Kowloon. This exhibition venue is only temporary, until the new adjacent Herzog & De Meuron M+ museum is finished.

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