Round it out with a circular rug

The 50th Anniversary of the first man on the moon got us thinking about the moon and circular shapes in interiors and rugs specifically. Round shaped carpets are not as popular as the classic rectangular shaped area rug, but they are used more and more in contemporary interior design schemes. They are more typically found in the high end interior because the level of skill in hand knotting required to weave and maintain the round shape is high.

With the advent of curved walls in modern architecture and penchant for curved sofas and round tables, the round carpet is increasingly welcome and sought after.

Sizes vary as small as 6 foot / 2 meter diameter for entry foyers to 15 feet / 4.5 meter diameters for living rooms.

Round shape carpets are a great way to soften angles in a room and can redirect the energy of a space.  Feng Shui aficionados employ rounds rugs because the circular form is an expression of movement. Round design elements bring into your home clarity, precision, freshness and equality according to Feng Shui philosophy. They are also reminiscent of the moon and sun.

Our round Ring Teal carpet lends freshness and energy to this beautiful space designed by Joe Robbins for a Los Angeles client.

Hao Noah circulates the energy of this entry foyer with our Allium in a round shape, a round table with circular elements in the base and tops it off with cylindrical shaped ceramics.

Highlight a special zone in your house or make a room seem larger by installing a round rug.

Avenue in custom color in New York showroom.

Rounds carpets are most often ordered as custom rugs since the size/diameter required of each installation situation is different. But for those who cannot wait and need diameters up to 10 feet/3 meters, we can often extract a round rug from a rectangular or square carpet in our stock – design permitting.

First, the shape is measured and drawn out on the existing carpet, leaving extra material beyond the desired size so that a new hand bound selvage can be created.

Then it is cut out from the rectangle or square.

The finished product looks like it was always a circle! This type of work is only possible on fine hand knotted carpet that have fully crossed/woven foundations.

Sew the edges.

A custom round Casperia carpet in production on the loom.

Casperia Silver Gold round carpet in the NY showroom.

Hand finishing a custom color round Karl carpet.

Contact us to customize a round shaped Fort Street Studio design for your room.