Pioneering luxury carpet brand, Fort Street Studio partners with art advisory, Armature Projects to mount its inaugural art exhibition.

When Fort Street Studio CEO, Paul Melo learned that design industry executive/producer/writer William Li was establishing an art advisory service to connect emerging artists with interior designers and architects, he immediately reached out to William to express interest in collaborating.



The roots of the Fort Street Studio design aesthetic stem from watercolor and other art that is transformed into weaving graphs to hand knot the brand’s luxurious carpets. Showcasing a curated collection of art alongside the handmade carpets seemed like a natural fit.

Paul had recently enlarged and renovated the 8,500 square foot showroom located in the Flatiron district of NYC and wanted the light filled loft space to remain true to the studio’s painterly beginnings. “We always showed art with our carpets, but it was never for sale because it was either the founders’ works or items from their private collections. Exhibiting works from the Armature Projects stable of artists enables us to enhance our space and add some context to our carpets, which are never installed alone in an empty room.”

William’s discerning eye enabled seemingly incongruous works from a diverse roster of artists to come together in exhibition in a harmonious way. The Fort Street Studio carpet designs lent a range of looks and colors to serve as a bridge between the art works.

The current exhibition will be up until January 31, 2024. Future exhibitions may include themed curations and greater concentrations of photography or sculpture.

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