Maker Monday: An Aspire Exclusive Interview With Janis Provisor And Brad Davis

After a year-long journey in China filled with inspiration, painting, and absorbing culture, husband and wife duo Janis Provisor and Brad Davis were sparked with enthusiasm to create fine, silk rugs. After painting with watercolors for years, the two knew they wanted to find a technique that would represent the bleeding lines and dynamic intricacies through a different, woven medium. Since opening Fort Street Studio in 1997, they have become an internationally acclaimed luxury brand, with showrooms in New York and Hong Kong, an office in London, and have even designed flooring for Hermès’ Atelier’s new “Maison” collection. Their new book “Tale of Warp and Weft” can be found on shelves tomorrow, April 13, 2021, and discusses the step-by-step process that led to a revolutionary “painterly” style in modern carpet design. Introducing this week’s Maker Monday, Janis Provisor and Brad Davis....READ MORE

Author: Andrew Joseph
Photo By: Jonathan Leijonhufvud
April, 2021
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