Scallop Navy

100% Wild Silk
120 Knots

Standard Sizes

Feet: 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14
Meters: 1.83 x 2.74, 2.44 x 3.05, 2.74 x 3.66, 3.05 x 4.27

Standard Colors

Navy Swatch
Cream Swatch
Custom sizes & colors available

Design Inspiration

Scallop, the newest watercolor design from Fort Street Studio, features a prominent chartreuse line drawn by the hand of artist and designer Janis Provisor. While painting watercolors at the beach, the designer was taken by a scallop line that appeared as the water receded. The simple, topsy-turvy line, which meets a bleeding edge, creates a simple and natural stroke on top of a multi-faceted navy wash.

This contemporary rug design is interpreted in wild Dandong silk according to time treasured Persian hand-knotting techniques. Color-precise yarn dyeing enables the weavers to execute the studio’s painterly designs with watercolor bleeds and the illusion of three-dimensional, geometric texture. Wild Dandong silk is especially plush and durable, and when hand-cut provides the carpets with a sophisticated suede-like finish that subtly enhances the design’s modern, unique, and evocative motifs.

100% hand-knotted wild silk pile. 100% cotton warp & weft. 120 knots per line. 15 strands per knot. 5/16″ pile height.