Picket Brown Slate

Wool + Cultivated Silk
120 Knots

Standard Sizes

Feet: 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14
Meters: 1.83 x 2.74, 2.44 x 3.05, 2.74 x 3.66, 3.05 x 4.27

Standard Colors

Brown Slate Swatch
Custom sizes & colors available

Design Inspiration

Fort Street Studio continues to reinforce its artist driven roots as exhibited in the new carpet design, PICKET.  Inspired by a wooden fence, complete with pock marks and perforations, the design is an abstraction of slats with an added whitewash. The cool and warm brown coloration gives the design interesting depth and shadows.  Soft to the touch and customizable in both color and size.  A dynamic addition to an ever growing design catalog.

The carpet is interpreted in hand processed high-altitude wool which has been fused with silk, using time treasured Persian hand-knotting techniques. Meticulous dyeing of the yarns produce complexity and depth of color which enrich the overall aspect of the rug.