Brash Blues

100% Thai Silk

Standard Sizes

Feet: 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14
Meters: 1.83 x 2.74, 2.44 x 3.05, 2.74 x 3.66, 3.05 x 4.27

Standard Colors

Blues Swatch
Custom sizes & colors available

Design Inspiration

BRASH carpet design was conceived by Janis Provisor and Brad Davis as an active design with bold strokes on the periphery and exclamation marks that spin from a center axis.  The strokes all accentuate different textures that come together to create a dynamic sensory experience to the touch.  The 3 dimensional texture is achieved by mixing Thai silk cut pile, shag and flatweaving using hand reeled yarn which provides extra texture.

These carpets are created in a village in Northern Thailand that grows the silk worms, harvests the cocoons, processes the silk threads and hand-reels the yarn. The yarns are custom dyed in small lots and hand-woven into luxurious carpets of up to 16’ x 29’ or 4.85 m x 8.85 m, after which they are washed and finished to the highest standard. Each has the luminosity, luster, and softness for which Thai silk is world famous. Because this product is unique to this one-village and vertically-integrated factory, the production is limited.  The mill weaves exclusively for Fort Street Studio in the limited quantity of 1,500 square feet or 140 square meters per year.