Beaded Pale

Wool + Cultivated Silk

Standard Sizes

Feet: 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14
Meters: 1.83 x 2.74, 2.44 x 3.05, 2.74 x 3.66, 3.05 x 4.27

Standard Colors

Mustard Swatch
Pale Swatch
Midnight Swatch
Custom sizes & colors available
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Beaded Pale

Design Inspiration

Flatwoven wool and shimmery silk pile combine in this rug’s design to create a piece of everyday luxury, both casual and dressy. Inspired by a piece of embroidery and enlarged to scale, BEADED PALE expands the studio’s collection of three-dimensional texture by combining distinct weaving styles and mixing mediums. Soothing Pale is a tonal grey delight.

The design is interpreted in hand processed, high altitude wool and cultivated silk, according to time-treasured flatweaving and Persian hand-knotting techniques. Meticulous hand-dyeing of the yarns produces complexity and depth of color which enrich the overall aspect of the carpet.