Cover Story: The thrill of Brazil

For a Chelsea penthouse in New York City, Interior Designer Damon Liss selected a pair of spectacularly animated "Chifruda" (horned) chairs by Sergio Rodrigues. Created by Rodrigues for his 1962 exhibition Furniture as an Object of Art and inspired by horned Viking helmets, the chair reflects Rodrigues' sense of wit and playfulness, and while not commercially produced at the time of its debut, is now available in numbered editions. Liss introduced his client to Brazilian Modern furniture, and relates that "he really fell in love with it." The chairs flank Iranian/French architect and designer India Mahdavi's sculptural "Joker" side table. In the foreground, the "Tambour" hide ottoman is by Design Frères from Blend Interiors. A hand-knotted wild Dandong silk rug by Fort Street Studio creates shimmering, painterly effects with the shifting light from the expansive bank of windows. Lindsay Adelman's mobile-like "Branching Disc" chandelier was developed with legendary 275-year-old Munich, Germany porcelain workshop Nymphenburg to produce the delicate, translucent discs for this lighting sculpture. ...READ MORE

Author: Benjamin Genocchio
Design By: Damon Liss
Photo By: Joshua McHugh
November, 2022
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